Home Goods, how did I live without you? Wednesday, May 27 2009 

I kept seeing posts on blogs about accessories and other fun home decor items people had bought at Home Goods. However, I had never been to one of their stores since the nearest one is over 30 miles away.

On our way back from our weekend trip I convinced my husband to stop there so I could see what they have. While hubby waited in the car (for almost an hour, oops!) I happily browsed the aisles full of delightful decor and elegant accessories. While I only came out of the store with one purchase, I had to pull myself away from the lamps, bright dishes, and beautiful pillows. I know I will be back to visit that store.

Here’s my one purchase, a fun box to store the TV remotes in to keep them tidy in the living room.

Of course everything goes better with a cat.


Monday Musings Monday, May 18 2009 

I had a rather productive weekend. First I found this cute basket at T.J. Maxx (cat sold seperately.) It matches the green of my living room and brings in the white and brown I would like to use more of in that room.

I played around with my camera some. Since I don’t have kids, my cats are often the focus of my camera lens. Our dog is terrified of the camera and hides as soon as he sees it and my handsome hubby gets tired of posing for photos as well, so its usually down to the cats.

I did some organizing in my closet using this cube shelf from Target to hold sweaters and shoes.

I organize all my clothes by type and color. So I have all tank tops by color, then short sleeve shirts by color, and finally long sleeved shirts by color. Then I have all my skirts, pants, dresses, and shoes in the back. I went through everything and pulled out stuff to get rid of in the upcoming church yard sale. There’s still way too much in the closet, but we have such little storage space in our house so everything ends up in our walk-in closet.

And finally I managed to complete a few scrapbook pages. I hadn’t done much scrapping at all since last year. I’m finally get back in the swing of things.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!