Alaska trip continued….

Day 5-Skagway

Our first day at port was at Skagway. We had made a reservation with Avis to rent a car to drive the Klondike Highway. Either renting a car or riding the White Pass train seem to be popluar choices  at this port. We went with the car because it was only $52 and gave us more freedom to stop where we wanted and take as many pictures as we wanted. After walking in circles several times, we finally located the tiny, almost hidden, Avis office and picked up the keys to our little Chevy car.

We headed out and drove past many placed where you could see traces of the old Yukon route that miners took to get to gold in the Yukon. There was a place called Dead Horse Gulch because of the number of dead horses the piled up there from heavy burden of carry supplies and the rough terrain. Its amazing that people made it through the pass at all or that they were able to build a railroad here.

We passed through customs and entered Canada.

Tutshi Lake I think

Tutshi Lake I think

Bove Island

Bove Island


Old Mine Building

Old Mine Building

We made our way to tiny Carcross, Canada and stopped for some lunch at the gas station there. We stopped at what is known as the “world’s smallest desert” in Carcross.

Worlds Smallest Desert in Carcross

World's Smallest Desert in Carcross

Old depot in Carcross

Old depot in Carcross

Our turnaround point was at glorious Emerald Lake:


We turned around and headed back to Skagway.

overlook at Skagway

overlook at Skagway


Day 6-Juneau

Unfortunately, it was raining all day while docked at Juneau. We had planned on doing some hiking, but the weather was just to wet. Instead we booked a city and glacier tour at the dock to fill the morning until out glacier helicopter flight. The tour took us by bus to various sites in the city and than to Mendenhall glacier. The fog made the pictures not too clear.

After our tour we raced back to the ship to quickly change into drier clothes and grab some food from the buffet for lunch. Then it was off to meet our ride from Coastal Helicopters for our helicopter flight and landing on a glacier.

We went through all the safety check and they checked to make sure our shoes had enough traction. My husband’s didn’t so he had to wear special boots. We then boarded the helicopter and took off.

The flight was so amazing. Seeing the glacier from the air was just so cool. Due to the rain, my pictures didn’t come out to well. Once we landed though, it wasn’t raining on the glacier. We walked around and looked the ice. It was was slippery though. After walking around awhile, we flew back to the airport. I recommend you take this trip if you are ever in Juneu. It was just so amazing and well worth the $$$ it cost.


Day 7-Ketchikan

It was another rainy day, although only lightly raining. We didn’t schedule any excursions in this port so we just walked around, say the totem poles, and browsed the shops. While eating lunch, we watched the seaplanes landing and taking off.

Creek Street-The former Red light district now shops and galleries

Creek Street-The former "Red light" district now shops and galleries


Day 8-Cruising

On our final day of the cruise, the weather was clear and bright and the temperatures were warmer. We spent most of the day out on deck.

Later on in the afternoon, we cruised near an orca whale feeding ground. The whales were everywhere, on both sides of the ship. It was awesome to watch them break up through the water and splash back down into the water.

After dinner, we came back on deck to watch the sunset. Later on in the evening, the ship cruised through the narrowest point of the inside passage. It was a beautiful end to an unforgettable vacation.