Weekend Finds Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 

For Christmas gifts, I received a couple giftcards to Michael’s. I don’t shop there too often since I usually go to Archiver’s for my scrapbooking needs and I don’t really do many other crafts. I decided to go by there Sunday to see if I could find anything fun.

First I found this cute little basket with a handle. It matches the color of my bedroom so I am using it to store the TV remotes. However, I plan to ditch the TV at some point so then I may put the basket in the bathroom to hold soaps and other goodies. (You can see a picture of my hubby in the background holding one of our cats. Aren’t they too cute?)

I also decided to purchase this fun vase and plant arrangement to decorate the fireplace. I love the vase, but I think the fake plant inside might be a bit too wild for what I was after. I’ll let it sit there awhile before I decide whether to keep it or take it back. I wanted something a little more straight and structured without all the leaves and stalks flowing everywhere.

Finally, I came across a few scrapbook goodies to buy. The paper was on clearance for 49 cents, the prima flowers were also clearanced for $1.99. I don’t remember how much the Making Memories stickers were, but they had all these fun vintage embellishments in this line. The stickers have little words and phrases on them.

Did anyone else have any great finds this weekend? I also lucked out at Old Navy and got 3 shirts and a pair of shorts for $27. I had a giftcard for there too (I have sooo many giftcards!) so I only paid $1.30. Can’t beat that.


Monday Musings Monday, May 18 2009 

I had a rather productive weekend. First I found this cute basket at T.J. Maxx (cat sold seperately.) It matches the green of my living room and brings in the white and brown I would like to use more of in that room.

I played around with my camera some. Since I don’t have kids, my cats are often the focus of my camera lens. Our dog is terrified of the camera and hides as soon as he sees it and my handsome hubby gets tired of posing for photos as well, so its usually down to the cats.

I did some organizing in my closet using this cube shelf from Target to hold sweaters and shoes.

I organize all my clothes by type and color. So I have all tank tops by color, then short sleeve shirts by color, and finally long sleeved shirts by color. Then I have all my skirts, pants, dresses, and shoes in the back. I went through everything and pulled out stuff to get rid of in the upcoming church yard sale. There’s still way too much in the closet, but we have such little storage space in our house so everything ends up in our walk-in closet.

And finally I managed to complete a few scrapbook pages. I hadn’t done much scrapping at all since last year. I’m finally get back in the swing of things.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!