Places of Rest Monday, Jul 6 2009 

I spent much of the weekend working on arranging and decorating around the house. I painted my headboard, changed our dresser hardware, and rearranged the living room. I’m still getting everything situated so photos of my own rooms will have to wait. Since my master bedroom has been my main project lately here are some gorgeous bedroom retreats I have come across.

I just love how they draped the curtains around the bed and the window:
Country Living

Country Living

Not sure what’s up the green shag rug, but I love the rest of the room:
Country Living

Country Living


Country Living

Country Living


Country Living

Country Living


House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

While this room isn’t exactly a master bedroom unless you are in a 1950s TV sitcom, I really like the color scheme they used.  It feels like a tropical getaway in your own house. And how cool is that ceiling?




Happy Birthday USA! Saturday, Jul 4 2009 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I just love Independence Day. The food is so good and I just adore watching fireworks, even though my husband and his brothers can get a little crazy with the fireworks sometimes. All the ladies get to have fun with sparklers.

It’s amazing the courage and determination the signers of the Declaration of Independence had. They knew signing the Declaration could be a death sentence, but they believed in a great cause and were willing to take the risk to create this great country.

We had our celebration Friday night. This worked out well since it’s been raining most of the day today. Here’s a few shots I captured of our fireworks display:

fourthjuly2009 060

fourthjuly2009 069

fourthjuly2009 077

God Bless the USA!

And the winner is… Friday, Jul 3 2009 

The winner of the CSN rug giveaway is Princessflufferbutt! I used a random number generator to select the winner and I have to smile everytime I saw that blog name out loud. She chose the sage green rug. Congrats! Thanks to everyone who entered.

It’s Great to be a Blogger Thursday, Jul 2 2009 

I’m so happy! Centsational Girl  made my day by graciously nominating me for my very first blog award. I just began this blog a little over a month ago and I’m still trying to figure everything out so it was a surprise and an honor to receive this lemonade award:


So now it’s time to pass on the blog love to 10 other talented bloggers who display great “attitude and gratitude.”  There are sooo many wonderful blogs out there it’s hard to pick just 10 but here they are:

1. Next in Dianaland for her awesome bathroom makeover

2. Kelly’s Korner for her wonderful “Show us where you live Fridays

3. The Neatery for this amazing table transformation

4. Thrifty Decor Chick for her painting square and stripes post

5. Sanctuary Arts at Home for her wonderful bench makeover

6. Our Suburban Cottage for her lovely “how to make a chandelabra

7. Nannygoat for the awesome playhouse she created. I don’t have kids, but this is too cute!

8. From House to Home for her gorgeous yard sale cabinet redo

9. Homebody for her beautiful chair makeover

10. The Newlywed Diaries for her delightful party ideas and decorations

And those are the 10 blogs I was inspired by this week. It’s so difficult to just pick 10 because of all the awesome ideas and amazingly creative bloggers out in cyberspace.

Laundry a Chore No More! Wednesday, Jul 1 2009 

Ok, does anyone really like doing laundry? I know I don’t. All the cramming of clothes into the washer and then pulling out wet clothes to stuff into the dryer and somehow make they all fit. Not to mention all the yucky dryer lint to clean out that sticks to everything in my laundry room and seems to multiply on every surface. I realize it’s a fairly simple activity that doesn’t require too much effort, but it’s one of my least favorite chores.

Of course, my laundry room is also the home of the cats’ litter box, so I have to work around that and avoid dropping any clothes in it. (Eww!) It’s also the only room in the house we never painted so it’s drab and dirty and full of miscellaneous clutter and cleaning supplies. Someday I hope to get a stackable set of front loaders so I have room for a mini mudroom area as well as hide that stinky cat box in the corner. But for now our 15 year old washer and 20 year dryer hand me downs continue to chug away. Of course it takes about 2 hours to dry a load of laundry so I’m not sure how economical it is, but until they finally give up and die or I win the lottery(not likely since I’ve never bought a ticket) I’m stuck with my little laundry room devoid of cheer.

I came across a few rooms that might make laundry less of a chore because of how bright and pretty they are. I love all the organization in these areas as well. Anyone else feel like washing some clothes now?

Remodeling Center

Remodeling Center

Remodeling Center

Remodeling Center


Remodeling Center

Remodeling Center


Remodeling Center

Remodeling Center


This Old House

This Old House


This Young House

This Young House

Weekend Finds Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 

For Christmas gifts, I received a couple giftcards to Michael’s. I don’t shop there too often since I usually go to Archiver’s for my scrapbooking needs and I don’t really do many other crafts. I decided to go by there Sunday to see if I could find anything fun.

First I found this cute little basket with a handle. It matches the color of my bedroom so I am using it to store the TV remotes. However, I plan to ditch the TV at some point so then I may put the basket in the bathroom to hold soaps and other goodies. (You can see a picture of my hubby in the background holding one of our cats. Aren’t they too cute?)

I also decided to purchase this fun vase and plant arrangement to decorate the fireplace. I love the vase, but I think the fake plant inside might be a bit too wild for what I was after. I’ll let it sit there awhile before I decide whether to keep it or take it back. I wanted something a little more straight and structured without all the leaves and stalks flowing everywhere.

Finally, I came across a few scrapbook goodies to buy. The paper was on clearance for 49 cents, the prima flowers were also clearanced for $1.99. I don’t remember how much the Making Memories stickers were, but they had all these fun vintage embellishments in this line. The stickers have little words and phrases on them.

Did anyone else have any great finds this weekend? I also lucked out at Old Navy and got 3 shirts and a pair of shorts for $27. I had a giftcard for there too (I have sooo many giftcards!) so I only paid $1.30. Can’t beat that.

Beautiful Rug Giveaway Monday, Jun 29 2009 

********CONTEST HAS ENDED*********

It’s giveaway time, my first since I started this blog about a month ago. This giveaway is for a lovely area rug from CSN Rugs. CSN Rugs offers high quality products with full manufacturer’s warranties. There were so many wonderful rugs to pick from it was tough to narrow it down. I decided to give the winner a choice between these two beautiful rugs. Each rug size is 2’x3′.

The first rug is a more contemporary style in sage and ivory:

The second rug is a little more cosmopolitan according to the description:

Remember it will be an accent rug, so you can get away with a more bold design. To enter, just reply to this post and state which rug you would like. If you don’t have a blog, than please leave your e-mail and only one entry per e-mail address. Contest closes Wednesday at noon, central time. Contest open to all U.S. and Canadian residents. If you aren’t the lucky winner, you can still check out the thousands of rugs in a huge variety of colors and styles at CSN Rugs. Good luck!

Free Paint! Friday, Jun 26 2009 

This will be my third post of the day, but I couldn’t forget to mention that today you can order a free quart of paint from Glidden. It is an eggshell finish which I’m not crazy about, but you can’t really complain with free and you get to pick the color. I chose the color French Chocolate, a deep brown shade. So visit the Glidden site  and order your free paint!


Show Us Where You Live Friday-Master Bedroom Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Kelly’s Korner has a weekly “show us where you live” party to show photos of your home. Today’s room is the master bedroom. I really wish mine was finished before I posted this pictures for all to see, but here’s the work in progress:


(The room looks really green here, but the color is more like the first two photos show. This is before I added the swag on the wall.)

On the to do list:

1. Paint furniture. Either white or dark brown. Or tan. I don’t know, I can’t decide. I’m thinking white with dark bronze colored hardware.

2. Paint or ditch headboard. I could paint the one we have or make my own fabric one. I’m leaning towards the fabric one.

3. New bedspread. I like the colors of the one I have, but it’s falling apart and I want something without all the blocks like this one has.

4. New curtains. Ditch the scarf and add some real curtains.

5. Banish the TV from the room. We have this monster old TV in the room that needs to go. We also don’t have cable or sattelite(we’re too cheap) so we have these lovely rabbit ears that are a bit of an eyesore. More than a bit.

6. Rearrange the furniture? This is a maybe. I’ve considered putting the head of the bed under the window, but I don’t want to block too much of the window. There isn’t really any other way to arrange things other than that and how it is now.

All ideas and tips are much appreciated. Hopefully, I’ll have some “after” photos to post soon.

***Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for an area rug from CSN rugs***

Contest goes until Wednesday at noon.

Garden Klutz Friday, Jun 26 2009 

I’m not much of a gardener. I love flowers, but hate having to water, prune, fertilize, whatever all that stuff you are supposed to do. I just pop them in the ground and they better survive and come back next year. (No annuals for me.) I will pull weeds, but that’s about it. Luckily, most of my plants do make it most of the time unless they are consumed by the rabbit herds.  They are fighters, but no one stands a chance against the mighty bunny appetite.

This year we decided to try our hand at growing veggies in containers on our deck. We used containers because our yard is full of those pesky rabbits. They are cute, but they nibble on anything edible. And not edible. They have chewed holes in the wooden lattice underneath our deck. So we went with containers. You can see the start of our gardening in this post.

The thought of crisp, fresh veggies right from our own deck was too pleasing. So we started seeds indoors. Some of them survived, others wilted away. Once it was warm enough, we moved the plants outside. We do water the containers fairly regularly. Ok, hubby waters them anyways. Still we don’t have much to show for our effort. We have some 3 in tall pepper plants. They don’t seem to be getting any taller. I think I have lettuce in this one. I planted a salad mix, but I’m not sure if I have more weeds or lettuce. It looks like lettuce. Of course, I also heard it you leave it too long it gets bitter?

This one is supposed to be celery. I’m not sure what I’ve got going on here besides a nice weed mix:

I did have some success with the herbs I planted although I have yet to use any of them and I’m not sure if I will. One of them is coriander and I don’t even know what that is. It came in a package of herbs so I planted it. I have yet to look up exactly what it is and where to use it. I have some basil, oregano, and chives I might use. I’m not sure if fresh herbs are worth all the work though.

But they at least look nice, right?

I do have some green onions planted that I use all the time. Just snip and go and they grow back super fast. I think next year we will just stick with the grocery store veggies. I think our efforts were in vain. We are garden klutzes.

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