Ok this one isn’t really a project, just a small change. I had bought a table runner at Old Time Pottery and while I liked the fabric and design, the color was a little dark.

Then I was at Target on Friday and I found another runner that pulled in the lighter tans and creams as well as the darker browns so I bought it. I think it was $14.99. Luckily I still have thr receipt for the first runner, so it’s being returned to Old Time Pottery. I also visited World Market and snagged the two white and green candle holders on clearance for $2. I still need to add some candles, but you get the idea. I still have some fussing to do with the centerpiece, I may be putting a lantern in its place, or a different vase. Well just have to see. But here it is how it looks  right now:

I’m not sure what happened the night after I added this new runner, but I guess the cats were chasing each other or fighting on the table, because this is how it looked Monday morning:

As long as nothing breaks, we’re still good. I guess it’s good practice for any future kiddos that might come along. So that’s what I did over the weekend. I already have plans for this coming weekend that involve doorknobs and spray paint, so we’ll see what happens next.