Ok everyone, I need your help again. Our front door was warped so we replaced it. The orignal door was green like everything else. We are going to replace the shutters because they are so faded and the trim around the garage is rotting so that has to go also. So I have the opportunity to change the colors of everything if I want. I just need help figuring out which colors. My hubby likes it all with the green, but I kinda like the red or the red/black combo.

The door can be pretty much any color but black because it bakes in the afternoon sun and I don’t want anything too dark. Shutters are limited to stock colors or black, white, blue, dark red, burgundy, or dark green.

Here’s our house now: (Please ignore the overgrown bushes, that’s on hubby’s honey-do list to trim them back. I sooo wish the previous owners hadn’t planted these huge bushes that block the windows and overtake the walkway.)


Here it is how it would look with newer, brighter green shutters and door:(The green rectangle to the left of the garage is where our ugly green house numbers are, they are also on the list to be replaced.)


Or red shutters, door, and garage trim(trim is black is this picture, but would match the shutters)


Or black shutters and red door:


In the last two pictures, I also changed the color of the lights on either side of the garage from white to black. I may try to paint them or else they are getting changed out as well.

Here’s a few other close up pictures if that helps: