The cabinets in my kitchen aren’t bad, but they are not very exciting. Just plain builder grade oak cabinets. Not ugly, but boring.

I’ve been looking at different painted cabinets for inspiration in case I ever get brave enough to paint my own.  I was looking at the tutorial and pictures posted at Our Suburban Cottage and how similar her cabinets are to mine and how they turned out.

Annicole’s before:


And after:


Mine now:



What could the after look like? I don’t think I can paint them white unless I change the awful offwhite-whatever-were-they-thinking-white-tile-with-white-grout-never-stays-clean-tile-floor. I could do a tan or beige color. Black wouldn’t work because of the appliances and it needs to match with the next room. I’m thinking of changing the yellow paint on the walls too. So I just continue to dream for now.